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media training

Do you have anxiety ahead of presentations? Do you turn down opportunities to appear on video or participate in company events or panels fearing that you are not good enough, not ready?  You're not alone. Many people get nervous when the spotlight turns on them.


It doesn't need to stay that way.  

Maggie spent her career broadcasting to millions of people as a television reporter for CNN. Over the years, in the field and behind the anchor desk, Maggie developed strategies to feel comfortable and operate under the most stressful circumstances; tools and tricks she want to share with you. This isn't about teaching you how to perform. This is about helping you find your voice and the confidence to tell your story. We each have unique skills we can tap into to help connect us with an audience.  

Female Presenter

maggie lake media services


individual coaching

3 Session Minimum

We'll work on preparation, knowledge of equipment, presentation skills and storytelling.  


Single sessions can also be booked to help with preparation for a specific event. 


corporate workshops

Create your own program to work with senior leaders, rising talent and employee network groups. Training seminars can be a one day event or a series of sessions. I coordinate closely with corporate communications managers and HR to deliver a program customized to fit the company and employee needs. With video chats now an ever present part of hybrid work life, every employee should feel comfortable operating in the world of video. 

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