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moderator/ host

A skilled moderator/host makes the difference between a good event and a great one. Events provide an excellent branding opportunity and the chance to showcase the best of what you have. Don't let technical mishaps, long-winded guests or missing speakers leave a bad impression.  

From the planning stage, to technical run-throughs right up to the live event itself Maggie will help you create a dynamic experience where the speakers are engaged and the audience feels included. Whether in-person or remote, Maggie can help keep things running smoothly.  Drawing on years of live broadcast, breaking news experience Maggie will help you anticipate problems and troubleshoot any that arise, leaving your participants to sit back and enjoy the conversation. 

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maggie lake moderator/host

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project contract


An agreed on number of days which include work in the preparation, technical planning, speaker briefing calls and live event duties. 


event contract

A minimum of two days the week of the event to review event materials, have technical run through and live event duties. 

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