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maggie lake

former anchor/correspondent for CNN

coaches people in media and public speaking


develops strategies for

executive communication

moderates and curates live events 

Media Training

Feeling comfortable speaking in public isn't about performing, it is about finding your unique voice and having confidence in your story. With virtual meetings and interviews now part of work life, being able to communicate effectively and navigate video is critical. Maggie gives you the tools to look and feel your best and show people all you have to offer.  


Executive Communications

Video is a key component of any communication strategy. Connect with clients and your employees by having your executive leadership engage in authentic conversation. Whether it is a fireside chat, a roundtable discussion, town hall or personal profile, let Maggie help you get your message out in a compelling and thoughtful way.  

media training
executive communications


Audiences want to be engaged and entertained. Elevate your next event by having a professional guide your conversation. With over two decades of broadcast experience covering all aspects of business and international affairs Maggie will make sure every speaker shines and your attendees get the most out of the experience. 

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Global Finance

Thought Leadership


Diversity Inclusion

International Business


I don't teach people how to perform,

I help them find their unique voice.

When I was first starting out as a journalist Maggie was instrumental in helping me find my voice. I can't emphasize this enough -- I wouldn't be where I'm at without her. She bolstered me as I started appearing on air early in my career, and gave me valuable advice as I rose through the ranks at CNN, and then as I left to create my own media company and contribute to 60 Minutes+. She has always been an incredible sounding board, and helped me understand what made my voice unique. She encouraged me to be myself, and gave me specific feedback that I've carried with me over a decade of reporting. To this day, she is the person I call when I need real perspective, and someone to cut through the noise. She has shaped my career. When I look back at over a decade of tech reporting, and the wild ride it's been, I can almost hear Maggie's voice at the beginning of all of it saying:"you're on to something. Be specific. People want to know the details and your perspective. Don't shy away from it." She is truly one of the most special and gifted people I know. I'm lucky to have been one of the many people she's impacted. 

- Laurie Segall

Founder, Dot Dot Dot Media, 

60 Minutes+ Correspondent 

let's get started.

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